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The ProvaT.O. Athens Film Workshop invites all those who want to get in touch with the art of cinema, to cultivate their creativity and to learn the basic principles of audiovisual storytelling.

During the workshop, we will approach the history of cinema, the cinematic genres and we will analyze the qualities of the actors and their tasks. We will dive into how a script is written, how specialists work taking on specific roles, such as the set designer, the costume designer, the editor to list a few. We will learn how actors work on their roles and how to direct a film with simple materials and with everyday "tools" such as a mobile phone.

Small groups will be created based on everyone's personal preference and at the end of the workshop each group will have made a short film of 3 to 8 minutes, which will be presented live at the end of the program.

Through this process, everyone is given the opportunity to discover and develop their vocation, whether it is in scriptwriting, filmmaking-editing, the art of acting, or even in the organization and execution of the production of a film. Our aim is to give participants an insider's view of all the stages of film production.

Program of the first cycle

  • The evolution of cinema : A historical retrospective from silent to... Netflix.
  • Theatrical Game : Pantomime-imitation-stereotypes-exaggeration.
  • Analysis of film genres (comedy, adventure, thriller, etc.).
  • Theatrical play : The expressiveness of the actor in the different genres.
  • The specialties in the cinema and their duties.
  • Theatrical play : Group improvisation with the aim of creating a story.
  • Script : "Writing a story with structure". Examples of short films.
  • Theatrical game : "Communicating with my teammate".
  • Directing : “Types of shots”. Testing different types of shots with mobile phones.
  • Theatrical game : Bringing my role into different environments.

Program of the second cycle

  • Directing approach : The film adaptation of a novel and the different approaches.
  • Theatrical play : Memory - Senses - Imagination.
  • Workshop : We divide into groups and take on roles and specialties for filming.
  • Theatre game : Improvisation and rehearsal on a given scene.
  • Scenography-Costume Design : We make props and costumes from simple materials.
  • Theatrical Play : Trust and collaboration.
  • Filming.
  • Screening the film to a live audience and discussion.

Workshop curator

Iris Katsoula
Director, Actress

Vangelis Laskaris


To be announced soon.

(the days and hours of the workshop will be arranged after consultation between the members of the group).. 

Monthly Participation Cost:

50€ (three-hour program once a week).


Multipurpose Vault, 26 Melenikou Street, Votanikos (near Kerameikos Metro stop).


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