by Vangelis Laskaris

Prova T.O. Athens and “With Other Eyes” organisation created the collaborative project "I Belong", with partial funding and the auspices of the Ministry of Culture. Six accessible short documentaries with disabled participants guide us through cultural events and venues and share positive examples of inclusion. Through them, we are introduced to disabled artists, inclusive spaces and their activities, and the accessibility needs of disabled viewers and listeners of cultural events are highlighted.

All videos have subtitles in Greek and English, as well as interpretation in Greek Sign Language.

The project has been embraced by the public, garnering over 100,000 views on social media.

Episode I : "I belong... in a Photography Exhibition"

A blind man visits a photography exhibition as part of the Athens Pride 2021 events.

Why? Because the exhibition was accessible!

How? Watch the video and find the answer...

Episode II : "I belong... in the inclusive group THEAMA"

Meet the inclusive arts group THEAMA with a visit to the fully accessible ISON theatre!

Episode III : "I belong... in the Dance"

Can a deaf person feel music?

Can a deaf person dance?

Can deaf people have access to all art forms?

Episode IV : "I belong... in Entertainment"

Culture is, among other things, that people with visual and mobility impairments can enjoy a coffee, a meal and a drink on an equal footing.

How can this be done? Watch the tour of "Sxedia Home" and you'll understand.

Through the video we also learn about the social and environmental programme "Sxedia Art" for the reintegration of homeless citizens into the labour market.

Episode V : "I belong... in the Museum"

Can a person with visual impairment visit a museum and enjoy a guided tour independently while the exhibits are enclosed in display cases? But it can!

How? The Cycladic Museum has found the way!

Watch the video of a fully accessible tour for visitors with visual impairment.

Episode VI : "I belong... in Culture

The two teams that collaborated on the series take us backstage, where it all began.

What was the original name of the Project and why was it changed? How was the first contact between "With Other Eyes" and Prova.T.O?

Can accessibility be hidden in a plate of food or a board game?


Directed by : Vangelis Laskaris

Camera: Iris Katsoula

Music : Angeliki Grigoropoulou

GSL interpretation: Stathis George - HandsUp