The mother of this one... Ellie Zachou Tachtsi

by Kiki Mavridou


A monologue by Kiki Mavridou based on the life of Kostas Tachtsis' mother.

Elli Zahou Tachtsis was a rebellious woman, who only wanted to live free and be loved.

"The mother of this one". A disparaging, ironic, sarcastic title, but so familiar, so known. Βeing said as an insinuation and always in a low voice. Almost in a whisper. One of those whispers that are like stabs to the heart. But sometimes they can be lethal. "Her son", Kostas Tachtsis, was murdered. As everyone is "murdered" in this world, that threatens to expose its hypocrisy.

"His mother." The least enlightened person – character in the mostly autobiographical authorial world of Kostas Tachtsis, on whom he relied to write his most important work, “The Third Wreath”, which apart from being a record, is also an unmasking of the holy Greek family. But if the "Third Wreath" is identified with Greece itself, the story of his mother is identified with all the hidden secrets. That we keep well locked in dusty trunks, stowed away in the basements of our souls.


Performance Contributors

Author : Kiki Mavridou

Director : Vangelis Laskaris

Original music composition : Manos Antoniadis

Stage Set / Costumes : George Lindzeris

Costumes Design : Irini Avzidou

Lights Design : Vangelis Moudrichas

Performance Photos : Christina Filaktopoulou

Performance Poster : Yannis Kentrotas

Trailer / Cinematography : ORKI Productions

Programme Curator : Capricorn Publications

Communication / Promotion : Chrysa Matsagani and Biri Biri Communications (B.B.C. Athens)

Production : Team Vault AMKE

Rania Schiza in the role of Elli Zachou Tachtsi

Nikos Karathanos gives his voice to the role of Kostas Tachtsis. She succumbed to the cruelty of her time and became tougher than it.