by Bryony Lavery

" is necessary to hate someone who will do you so much harm, but then you have to get over it. You can move on through love and intelligence..."

Bryony Lavery

Three characters like heroes of ancient tragedy in the shadow of the most heinous crime. Three everyday people are challenged to transcend their humanity. These are the three protagonists of Frozen who raise questions: Can a mother overcome the death of her child? Can she even forgive his killer? Can a serial child killer become sympathetic? Author Bryony Lavery takes down one by one the clichés and stereotypes that keep us locked in ourselves and against others. And she perseveres, through an arduous and soul-crushing process, by suggesting the "key" to forgiveness. Is it worth it? And what will be left when the "ice" melts? Naturally, the ultimate gift, the greatest power hidden in man. Love...

The multi-award-winning Frozen has been honoured with the TMA (Theatrical Management Association, 2002) award, among others, and has been nominated for a Tony Award (for Best Play in 2004), while the international press greeted it with rave reviews, calling it "a major event for British theatre" (Financial Times).

The show was performed at the Vault Theatre Plus

Performance Contributors

Author : Bryony Lavery

Translation : Loukia Tzannidou

Directed by : Vaggelis Laskaris

Light : Anna Remoundou

Costume Design : Giorgos Lintzeris

Photos : Giannis Kylipasis

Video Teaser : Thodoris Theodorou

Production : Vault


AGNETHA : Katerina Dimati

NANCY : Lorina Hadjimanoli

RALF : Dimitris Maglaras

Bambis Hadjidakis lent his voice to the performance.

Thanks for their valuable help to Manos Antoniadis, Eva Pisia and Tonia Avdelopoulou.