by Marius von Mayenburg

How far can you go for what you believe in?

Marius von Mayenburg's play, "Martyr", was presented in a national premiere at the Vault Theatre Plus by ProvaT.O. It premiered in Berlin in 2012 at the Schaubühne stage directed by the author himself, while in 2016 the play was adapted for film by Russian director Kirill Serebrenikov under the title "The Believer" and took part in a number of festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival, being nominated for the "A Certain Look" award, eventually winning the special Cannes "Francois Chalais 2016" prize.


Benjamin is a young student who is fully committed to Bible study. He understands and tries to put God's word into practice in the most perverse way. Armed with his faith he begins to attack his classmates, his teachers as well as his own mother who has no idea what is going on. As the situation worsens they are unable to foresee the consequences. How will the school and the family respond to this extreme behaviour?

Fascism and tolerance collide in this funny yet provocative play. The show is a composition of 26 scenes "edited" to resemble a film script and confronts us with the question: how far can you go for what you believe? 

The show was performed at the Vault Theatre Plus

Performance Contributors

Author: Marius von Mayenburg

Translation : Aris Kyprianou and Vaggelis Laskaris

Directed by : Vaggelis Laskaris

Stage design, lighting design, costume design : Giorgos Lintzeris

Actors' movement : Sophia Michael

Original music composition and orchestration : Panos Panakos

Electric guitar : Marios Sterpis

Electric bass : George Lambadis

Performance photos : George Striftaris

Trailers : Thodoris Theodorou, George Striftaris

Poster : WeWork Design - Nikos Panagopoulos

Program curator : Aparsis Publications

Production : Vault

Performers : Simeoni Giannatou, Vasiliki Dracopoulou, Chrysa Kourkoulou, Aris Kyprianou, Vaggelis Laskaris, Dimitris Maglaras, Lorina Hadjimanoli