by David Gieselmann

"Come in... welcome. There's room and only one body. There in the trunk is Mr. Colpert. We took him out."

Mr Kolpert, a black comedy by David Gieselmann, a regular collaborator with the Schaoubuhne in Berlin and the Royal Court Theatre in London. In 1999 after the premiere the Guardian wrote "A little Alby, a little Hitchcock, a little Tarantino, Mr Kolpert, a play you'd die to see performed one day. There has never been a comedy blacker than this."

The play is a scathing commentary on the violence that fuels contemporary film and theatre. But in a unique way it incorporates violence and uses it as a major component of plot and action. Any laughter it may provoke is bitter. Just stop and think about what you laughed at and how much of the heroes' characteristics you are hiding deep inside. Through a wide range of cultural references, with doses of expressionistic, surrealistic and realistic, the author, playing with the codes of comedy, criticizes the urban boredom and emotional numbing that drives people to extremes to fill emotional voids and understand the causes of their impasses.

The show was performed at the Vault Theatre Plus

Performance Contributors

Author : David Gieselman

Translation : Giorgos Depastas

Directed by : Vaggelis Laskaris

Stage Set – Costumes : Katerina Viktoratou

Music : Giannis Georgopoulos

Photos : Giorgos Striftaris

Video Teaser : Thodoris Theodorou

Stage Combat Director - Kinesiology: Damianos Nicolaides

Assistant Director : Tzina Miari

Poster : wework_design

Executive Producer : Sophia Panagopoulou

Performers: Konstantinos Vassilopoulos, Stavroula Gioka, Dimitris Katsis, Dimitris Maglaras, Margarita Papantoni.