by Charalambos Giannou

It all starts when parents worry that their child has turned into a psychopath. The mother seems to express a desperate need for love and compassion, while the father seems more pointed and straightforward. His decision to let things go more relaxed in terms of caring for their troubled child leads to a sequence of unfortunate situations in which the family makes all the wrong choices. Tragedy and humor alternate at a breakneck pace, creating an atmosphere of strangeness. Who is really a psychopath?


What is hunger? The desire to eat, our strong need for something. Searching for the etymology of the word hunger leads you to the ancient Greek word “Πείνα - Pena”, which in turn takes you to the noun “Πενία - Πενία”, meaning poverty, deprivation or lack of necessary goods. The whole play is based on scarcity. It is hardly a coincidence that the play was written in 2012, in the wake of the economic crisis, just after the era of gluttony and fake affluence, the stock market, the bouzoukia music clubs, the Olympic Games. It was written in the years of the economic crash and the total impoverishment of an entire people. Hence the title of the work. So the basis is scarcity. The lack not only of material goods, but also the lack of love, of care that makes us “eat” our flesh. The need that makes us “eat” each other.

The performance was staged at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus

Performance Contributors

Directed by: Vangelis Laskaris

Props-Costumes: Lili Pezanou

Lights: Anna Sbokou

Music: Nikos Vassiliou

Assistant Director: Alexandra Milioni

Photos : Katerina Liakopoulou

Performed by: Stavros Giannakopoulos, Aris Kyprianou, Natasha Economopoulou, Victoria Fotas